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Urdu Welcome To All Pakistan Christian Party
Precious  Christians of Pakistan
The betterment and permanence of any nation based of its endeavors. The better the endeavors, more prosperous the nation will be in the world. Better endeavors can only be installed when the entire nation is united at one platform and remove its own internal differences.
Enough is enough. The time is critical and to kill the time is as similar as to kill ourselves. Than why are you hesitating to be a soldier of God and join this force? Do you still need to think? Are not the happenings around you portraying the judgment day? Before that we get entangled into the conspiracies of the rivals of the nation and country and become the slaves, you are encouraged to join the force of Pakistan Christian Party for the unity of the entire Christian nation, human services, stability of Pakistan, enforcement of law and constitution, restoration of democracy, prosperity of Christians, provision of justice and deliverance from the prejudiced mentality and get yourself organized to tackle with the upcoming critical situations. If you are still not prepared for the fixation than wait for the last judgment of God and the entire nation will be demolished.  








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