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Urdu Welcome To All Pakistan Christian Party
The manifesto of All Pakistan Christian Party (APCP)
  • Not to withhold from any sacrifice for the stability, permanence, security and progress of the country
  • To unite and organize and motivate the Christian nation
  • To struggle for a secular constitution and to make the country democratic country
  • To raise the voice for the elimination and nullification of the articles, which are against the human rights, including the article number 2 and 2/A of the constitution of 1973
  • To struggle for the correct census of Christians in order to include the Christians into the national stream
  • To raise the voice to promote the culture of equality, brotherhood, religious harmony, tolerance and endurance  
  • To raise the voice for the sovereignty of law and order, peace and justice and for the establishment of independent Accountability Commission and Election Commission
  • APCP will not lodge any kind of violent protests, processions, conferences whereby national properties are demolished or damaged but official or governmental violence on peaceful protests will not be tolerated
  • To promote education and eliminate unemployment in the country and to form job centers in all the districts to help unemployed Christians
  • To establish Christian Business Chamber of Commerce for Christian business community and to install factories with the support and cooperation of the national and international Christian business community
  •  To struggle for the rightful representation of Christians in all legislative institution, Senate, Provincial Assembly and National Assembly, and to struggle for the separate elections for Christians and to struggle for the establishment of sovereign and powerful parliament.
  • To establish healthy relationship with all other national political parties (irrespective to religion) for the wellbeing and progress of the country.
  • To struggle for the elimination and nullification of all religiously contracted articles including 295/B-C and 298/A,B,C in the constitution of Pakistan.
  • To get the government of Pakistan realize of the presence of Christians politicians and to make sure the partition of PCP in all governmental level All Parties Conferences (APCs) and to make sure the consultation of Christian leaders/politicians in the constitutional amendments in order to remove the inferiority complexes of non-Muslims   
  • To contact with international institutions/community to remove/compensate the constitutional, economical and social injustices with Christians.
  • To organize Award Distribution Ceremonies on the name of Christian heroes to encourage Christian youth so that our young generation could be proud of being Pakistani Christians.
  • To raise voice to grant scholarships to brilliants Christians students and send them abroad for higher studies.
  • To struggle for the elimination of the forcible labors and to get the bounded labor act enforced, and to struggle for the land reclamation of Christians and to resolve the problems of Christians agriculturists.
  • to raise voice to add the articles in the texts books about the Christian leaders of the Pakistan movement and to dedicate main roads, buildings and parks on their names in order to regard their services for the country.
  • To raise voice for the deputation of Christian judges in the judiciary of Pakistan.



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