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A moment of consideration
Pakistani Christians are universally accepted nation because of the uniqueness of their religion, ethics and cultural morals but because of the ongoing prejudices in all walks of life, this unique nation is loosing its integrity and self-respect and because these unnatural and inhuman prejudices towards Christians, it is more likely that the natural and humanistic values will be demolished completely with the passage of time. So in such a time, whereby, a dignified nation is surrounded by such crisis, and being deprived of its basic human rights and being discriminated religiously, politically, socially, economically, and when it is forced to adopt the menial jobs facilities, then, it becomes very crucial for such a nation to determine the right directions of its thoughts and acts for the permanence and bright future of its generations.
History testifies that the nations who did not raise voices for their own rights, their names have been demolished from the face of earth and history neither remembers them nor forgives them.










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